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Rubber Cutting Machine price
Product overview
This machine is used to cut the rubber coated cord, canvas, cloth, fine cloth after friction into specific width and angle.
Product description
Horizontal fabric bias cutting machine is mainly composed of ply servicer, cord containing device, feeding device, fixed-length device, cutting device, pneumatic control system, electrical control system, etc.
Main technical parameters
1Machine ModelWC-1500
2Level height of conveying platform800mm
3Cutter dimension&#34817;100mm&#33075;&#34817;20mm&#33075;1mm
4Cutting times&#37422;?0 times/minutes
5Cutting angle0-50&#25523;
6Cutting precision&#21348;1.5 mm
7Cutting width100-1000mm
8Ply roll dimensionMax&#34817;950mm
9Ply widthMax1500mm
11Liner roll dimensionMax&#34817;500mm
10Liner widthMax1600mm
12Ply/liner square shaft38&#33075;38mm
13Winding ply widthMax550mm
14Winding liner widthMax600mm
15Winding ply roll diameterMax&#34817;450mm
16Winding liner roll diameterMax&#34817;300mm
17Winding speed45m/min
18Winding ply/liner square shaft32&#33075;32mm
19Equipped with LED screen for main machineDisplay contents: width/angle/production/rest production
20Electric power3 phases, 4 wires, AC380V, 50HZ
21Air supply0.4-0.6MPA
Price will be different according to Customer Requirement. Please send to us your detailed requirements so that we can give you the correct quotation.Rubber Cutting Machine price

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